Family Camp

  • Event Date: December 27, 2019
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Foxton Bible Camp
  • Address: Te Awa Street, Foxton Beach

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Camp Begins with dinner, 6pm Friday 27 December, and ends after an early lunch on Thursday 2 January 2020. Foxton Bible Camp is at the end of Te Awa St at Foxton Beach.

Family Camp is designed to cater for campers of all ages. You do not need to attend with your family to enjoy the camp; singles are welcome, but children in Year 10 and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children in Year 8 and below will normally be accommodated with their families, youth in the dormitory blocks and adults in cabins. NIKAU LODGE provides quality double rooms for older campers!

The Programme will be varied, relaxing (at times!) and stimulating. Some aspects, such as the meals, Bible Ministry and singing, will be for the whole camp together. Other activities, like Bible Study groups will be divided by age-group.

Every camper is expected to join in with the activities arranged. We aim to enjoy living together as a large family. As part of this family living expect to be given some duties to perform (we try to make these compatible with your own family responsibilities). The Enrolment Form has space for you to state your preferences.

What to Bring:
+ For Meetings you will want to bring Bible, pen, notepaper.
+ For Yourself you will want to pack: a sheet to use as a mattress cover, Sleeping Bag or blankets and sheets, pillowcase, towel, toilet gear, raincoat, swimming gear.
+ For Exciting Suppers we’d love some baking, please.
+ For Specialists you may want to bring your own sports gear, scooters/bikes for pump track, musical instruments…!

What Not To Bring:
Please: no radios, players, electronic games that disturb others, and no pets. Cell phone use will be limited. Fill your ears with God’s Word!

The Fine Print:
o Enrolment for FAMILY CAMP signifies that those attending are willing to participate in all aspects of Camp life, and be subject to the rules of the Camp and its Director.
o Family Camp is run entirely by volunteers from among the campers. Fees cover accommodation costs and food is by donation.

Late Enrolments:
Fees paid after Nov. 30th are subject to a late fee of $10 per person (max. $30 per family). To avoid this penalty pay at least $20 per person before that date. Also, your accommodation preferences may be limited if you are enrolling late. We are encouraging on-time enrolments, rather than offering a late option!

If you have special accommodation requests please send your application early!

ONLINE enrolments can be made using the Application Form that follows further down this page. Campers from overseas can pay their fees at Camp without penalty.

Mail and Email enrolments will be accepted with fees paid by cheque made out to FOXTON BIBLE CAMP or by Direct Credit deposit to account Westpac 03 0633 0091424 00. Include your name and “FamCamp” as reference.

Trevor Lineham, 1 Edinburgh Terrace, Foxton Beach 4815
Ph. (06) 363 8814, mobile 027 466 0140, [email protected]

Fees for families and their dependent children
Fees (incl. GST) Full time Per day
Married couples (each) $120 $21
Tertiary or unemployed $120 $21
School students (1st) $96 $17
School students (others) $80 $14
Pre-schoolers $50 $9
Max. fee concession $480 $85
Late fee (if not paying at least $20 p.p. by 30 Nov.) is $10 p.p. with max $30 per family.

Fees for individuals or those with no parents at camp
Fees (incl. GST) Full time Per day
Adult (employed) $130 $23
Tertiary or unemployed $120 $21
School students (1st) $120 $21
School students (others) $96 $17
Late fee (if not paying at least $20 p.p. by 30 Nov.) is $10 p.p. with max $30 per family.


Application Form

Your contact details (required):

Please indicate your participation:
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Please tick if you are:
being accommodated off-site
bringing a campervan or caravan
requiring a cabin for
Note: Families in cabins usually includes children <13 yrs

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Your group:
Parents and those over 25, you can omit your date of birth!
For school children, put the class Year for this year.
For fees, refer to the tables further up this page.

The addition of the above fees is $

For families there is a max concession of $480 ($85 per day part-time).

Therefore we confirm our fees as $

If not paying at least $20 p.p. by 30 Nov, add late fee of $10 p.p. (max $30 per family).

Therefore our total camp fees are $

Health and dietary notes:
Do any in your group have special dietary needs or other requirements?
Please tell us. You may need to bring your own special foods.

Do you have any comments or questions?

Optional panels for those familiar with camp and involved in leadership.
Otherwise, please skip to Send button down below.

Names of those willing to ASSIST IN LEADERSHIP:
(a) To take a Bible Study Group:

(b) To help in kitchen:

(c) To help in other tasks:

That's all! Now please click the button below and in a moment you will see a message pop up, confirming that your form has been sent. All applications will be acknowledged. An email will be sent to you advising acceptance and giving payment instructions. If you do not receive a response within a few days, please contact Trevor (see Enquiries section above for contact details). Make sure you receive confirmation from Trevor!