Family Camp Recordings

By on January 2, 2020


The following addresses are stored on Google Drive and may be played or downloaded from there. Click on the Recordings link given in each of the tables below. Each link opens in a new window/tab.

Family Camp 2019/20

Recordings Speaker Theme "Triumphant Christian Living" Date
01 Andrew C. "That I might know Him" 27-12-2019
02 Rodger C. "Victorious Christian Living" 28-12-2019
03 Davin M. "Living for Christ without shame" 28-12-2019
04 David R. "Standing Firm – Ephesians 6" 29-12-2019
05 Ian L. "Singing in triumph" 29-12-2019
06 Grant S. "The Lord prays for His own" 29-12-2019
07 Doug S. "Deborah – When leaders lead" 29-12-2019
08 Andre P. "What are you searching for?" 29-12-2019
09 Roger C. "First Man and Second Man" 30-12-2019
10 Neville B. "Chained to the chariot" 30-12-2019
11 Keith S. "Overcoming – Walking by faith" 31-12-2019
12 Rob W. "When I am weak then I am strong" 31-12-2019
13 Hugh M. "Triumphant faith in a secular world" 1-01-2020
14 Carey S. "Reflecting on 2019 to look forward" 1-01-2020
15 Doug S. "Five areas of focus for 2020 vision" 2-01-2020


Family Camp 2018/19

Recordings Speaker Theme "Guidance and Direction" Date
1a Ger de K. "Proverbs Ch. 1 v1-19" 28-12-2018
1b Ger de K. "Proverbs Ch. 2-7" 29-12-2018
1c Ger de K. "Proverbs Ch. 8-9" 31-12-2018
1d Ger de K. "Proverbs Ch. 30 v1-33" 01-01-2019
1e Ger de K. "Proverbs Ch. 31" 02-01-2019
2 Doug S. "Prayer" 27-12-2018
3 Andrew C. "Boundaries" 28-12-2018
4 Rodger C. "Wisdom" 29-12-2018
5 Sam A. "Redeem the time" 30-12-2018
6 Grant S. "Trust" 30-12-2019
7 Hugh M. "Weddings" 30-12-2018
8 Keith S. "Fret Not" 31-12-2018
9 Roger C "Four Evangelists" 01-01-2019


Family Camp 2017/18

Recordings "Preparation to survive life in the modern world" Date
Darren F. "Surviving? Or thriving?" 27-12-2017
Roger B. "Being a Christian" 28-12-2017
Carey S. "The easy life, or the thriving life" 28-12-2017
Ray I. "The Epistle of Jude" 29-12-2017
Josh K. "Three lost things" (a message for children) 29-12-2017
Keith S. "Relationships as seen in the Song of Songs" 30-12-2017
Davin M. "Surviving as a Christian in this world" 30-12-2017
Roger C. "Knowledge + Belief = Action" 31-12-2017
Sam A. "Having a heart of compassion" (open ministry) 31-12-2017
Grant S. "Lay hold on eternal life" (ditto) 31-12-2017
Trevor L. "The Lord is with us as we pass through life" (ditto) 31-12-2017
Daniel G. "The love of Christ" (Gospel message) 31-12-2017
Rodger C. "That we might be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man" 1-01-2018
Andrew C. "One thing to survive!" 1-01-2018
Hugh M. "Continuing, building, and growing while we face opposition" 2-01-2018


Family Camp 2016/17

Recordings Theme "Building each other up" Date
Andrew C. "Not overwhelmed but be an overcomer" 28-12-2016
Daniel G. "Lay hold on eternal life" 31-12-2016
David R. "Growing in Christ" 1-01-2017
Davin M. "Gospel message to children, parents, and older" 1-01-2017
Grant S. "Seven aspects of the Body" 30-12-2016
Hugh M. "The foundation of all building is Christ" 31-12-2016
Keith S. "Walking together" 29-12-2016
Keith S. "Worship together" 30-12-2016
Rob W. "How are we building" 29-12-2016
Roger C. "Support in difficult times" 2-01-2017