Lockdown Zoom Addresses

By on September 20, 2020


The following addresses are stored on Google Drive in mp3 audio format and may be played or downloaded from the following folder:

NZ Ministry during Lockdown audio files  All audio files are in a folder accessed by this link.

If there is a video recording, the link will be given in the tables below. These files are massive and stored on Zoom’s server or Google Drive. In particular, the recordings with crazy passwords are only available for a few weeks so please excuse if some links are invalid.

Lockdown Zoom Addresses

Date Speaker Subject
To listen –> use this link –> NZ Ministry during Lockdown audio files (listed by date)
29 Mar 2020 Rodger C. "Acts 27: Disaster, Sovereignty, Faith and Wisdom"
5 Apr 2020 Keith S. "Little things"
10 Apr 2020
Good Friday
Doug S. "The significance of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ"
11 Apr 2020 Andrew C. "The isolation of Christ; conforming to His death"
12 Apr 2020 Roger B. "The Resurrection of Christ – 7 outcomes"
13 Apr 2020 Edward (Ed) M. "Blessings flowing from the Resurrection"
19 Apr 2020 Ian L. "All Locked Up" (Peter, Paul and Silas)
Video recording
26 Apr 2020 Trevor L. "Hear Him Today; Represent Him Today"
Video recording
3 May 2020 David R. "The Lord is Good" (Nahum 1:7)
10 May 2020 Roger C. "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour"
17 May 2020 Graham B. "The Lord's Supper; its Perversion, its Purpose, our Preparation"
24 May 2020 Andre P. "Bubbles"
31 May 2020 Roger B. "The Providence of God"
1 June 2020 Trevor L. "The Wisdom of God"
7 June 2020 Thomas E. "Psalm 91: Under His Wings"
14 June 2020 John M. "Exodus 15: The Song of Moses – Redemption by Power"
20 June 2020 Andrew R.
"Loving God, and Loving People" (Deut 6:5, Matt 22:37-39)


Sunday Night Meetings

Date Speaker Subject
To listen –> use this link –> NZ Ministry during Lockdown audio files (listed by date)
21 June 2020 Grant S. "The Good Shepherd" (John 10)
Video recording (0.8GB, 30 minutes)
28 June 2020 Roger B. "Pleasing God"
Video recording (the audio recording has louder sound)
5 July 2020 Trevor L. "Treasures and Trust"
Video recording
12 July 2020 Andre P. "Vision" Video recording (Part 1)
Video recording (Part 2)
19 July 2020 Ian L. "Two Sisters"
Video recording
26 July 2020 Trevor L. "Bearing One Another's Burdens" (Ex 17:8-13)
Video recording
2 Aug 2020 Trevor L. "The Anguish of Jesus"
Video recording
9 Aug 2020 Grant S. "Spectrum of John 1"
Video recording
16 Aug 2020 Rodger C. "Jesus delays, or does He?"
Video recording password 2L*aT9Z2
23 Aug 2020 Roger B. "Living by Faith"
Video recording
30 Aug 2020 Trevor L. "Number your days" (Psalm 90:10;12)
Video recording
6 Sep 2020 Keith S. "Divine Providence"
Video recording password @Pr?aM1*
13 Sep 2020 Rob W. "Christ my Intercessor"
Video recording password &0e6!dA9 (begins with ampersand)
20 Sep 2020 David R. "Encouragement" (Heb 10:19-25)
Video recording


Mission Hall Friday Series

Date Speaker Subject
To listen –> use this link –> NZ Ministry during Lockdown audio files (listed by date)
24 Apr 2020 Rodger C. "God's Grand Designs – Part 1 – Creation and Marriage"
1 May 2020 Rodger C. "God's Grand Designs – Part 2 – The Gospel and The Church"
8 May 2020 Rodger C. "God's Grand Designs – Part 3 – For the Future"
15 May 2020 Hugh M. "Christ in the Old Testament" (Part 1)
22 May 2020 Keith S. "The Aaronic Priesthood"
29 May 2020 Keith S. "The Melchizedek Priesthood"
5 June 2020 Keith S. "The Holy and Royal Priesthood of believers"
12 June 2020 Hugh M. "Christ in the Old Testament" (Part 2)
19 June 2020 Rob W. "Christ in Isaiah"
26 June 2020 Roger C. "Confession of Faith and Worship, through Song"
3 July 2020 Doug S. "The Believer and the Gospel"
10 July 2020 Daniel G. "Justified, Crucified, Delivered – Romans 5-8"
17 July 2020 Jimmy M. "Serving God" (references in Nehemiah)
24 July 2020 Rodger C. "The Unexpected" (reading 1 Kings 19 about Elijah)
31 July 2020 Rodger C. "More Unexpected Things" (reading 2 Kings 5 about Naaman)
7 Aug 2020 Bob L. "The Christian Hope"
14 Aug 2020 Ian L. "Compassion"
21 Aug 2020 Hugh M. "The Breastplate and High Priest's Garments"
28 Aug 2020 Paddy S. "The Lord's presence with us, The Lord's sovereignty over us"
4 Sep 2020 Roger C. "God manifest in flesh"
Video recording password 3X1+wxUi
11 Sep 2020 Keith S. "Nehemiah Ch. 1 and 2 – Introduction and context"
Video recording password =Y9Je!q5 (begins with "equals")
18 Sep 2020 Keith S. "Nehemiah Ch. 3 – The people and the gates"
Video recording (link to come)