College Kids Camp

  • Event Date: July 12, 2021
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Foxton Bible Camp
  • Address: 17 Te Awa Street, Foxton Beach

College Kids Camp

6pm Mon 12 Jul – 9.30am Sat 17 Jul 2019

“Making Sense of Life … one piece at a time”

  • Last day to enrol is 23 June 2021 – use Application Form down below.
  • South Island Campers – if you are expecting your transport to be provided, your enrolment must be in and paid for by 20 June 2021.

What’s it all about?
The aim of the camp is to provide for the special needs of teenagers as they face the complexities of the modern world. A camp enables us to have time to study together, under the guidance of older experienced leaders, the answers God presents to our needs.

For decades young people have been chilling out at our winter College Kids’ Camp! But don’t worry, we have a warm, comfortable building and grounds suitable for a safe and enjoyable week. As well as Bible talks, discussions and studies, there will be a varied programme that could include walks, sports, swimming and singing, along with other youth-related activities. There will be plenty of free time to relax, talk, or spend money in the Bookshop. Foxton Beach has a PUMP TRACK so bring your scooter or bike!

We welcome any young person who is at Secondary School, or who has left in the last year. Transport to and from Camp is arranged by the Camp in conjunction with the local leaders. There is no charge for this to campers attending Assembly youth groups, but transport bookings will only be made for campers who have paid fees on time. If you apply late you can expect to arrange and pay for your own transport.

Camp starts at tea-time (6pm) on the Monday and finishes after breakfast on the Saturday.

Bring some gear:
1. Bible, if you have one, and a pen for taking notes.
2. A sheet to use as a mattress cover, pillowcase, sleeping bag or blankets and sheets. Pillowcase and cover sheet must be used.
3. Clothes to include jacket, shoes suitable for walks, 2 changes of warm clothing, swimming togs. Please name all clothing.
4. Towels, soap, toothbrush, etc.
5. Necessary medication (e.g. for asthma)
6. Cake or biscuits to help make exciting suppers
7. Spending money up to $40.
8. Musical instrument if you enjoy playing one.
9. DON’T BRING electronic games, players, unnecessary valuables, etc.
10. Cell phone use will be restricted and the phones required to be off much of the time.

Fine print:
FOXTON BIBLE CAMP has a Health and Safety Policy in place in the interests of everyone’s welfare. Every care is taken by the Camp Leadership but the Trustees of the Foxton Bible Camp exclude their personal liability.

Camp Fees:

  • Fees may be paid by direct credit to Foxton Bible Camp account 03-0633-0091424-00 with your Name as a reference and “College Kids” as an identifier.
  • At least $20 of your fees must be paid when your application is accepted (non-refundable).
  • If you are mailing your application form, please enclose at least $20 deposit.
  • If you are having trouble getting your fees, ask your Youth Leader about a subsidy. There may be some funds available to help you.
  • On the other hand, Camp Fees only pay for accommodation, not for travel expenses or food. You might like to make a donation towards these expenses. (A tax-deductible receipt can be supplied for donations.)
  • Camp fees and deposits will be refunded if a change in Covid alert levels (or similar regulations) prevent your attendance.

Camp is staffed by volunteers who have given up their own time, but they are experienced and capable. They look forward to caring for your family members.

Fees (incl. GST) On-time
Per camper $100 each
More than one from same family $90 each
Late fee for anyone applying after 20 June $15 each

The $15 penalty fee is to encourage you to apply on time. It’s not just an option to apply late! Applications will be accepted on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Enrolments will be closed off when numbers are full.

Trevor Lineham (Mgr, Foxton Bible Camp), 1 Edinburgh Terrace, Foxton Beach 4815
Ph. (06) 363 8814, mobile 027 466 0140, [email protected]


    Application Form
    This form is for names from the same family please.

    1 MF
    2 MF
    3 MF
    4 MF

    The sum of the above fees is $

    If making application after 20 June, a Late Fee of $15 per person applies.

    Therefore the total payable is $

    An email will be sent to you advising acceptance and giving payment instructions.

    Your contact details: (required)

    Your phone number: (required)

    Your Church/Youth Group leader: (required)

    Do you or any of your group volunteer for special duties?

    Are there any health factors that the Camp Nurse should be aware of?
    Include such things as medicines, allergies, asthma, recent injuries, disabilities, ...

    Do you have a Community Services Card?

    Permissions: (required)
    I agree while attending Camp to abide by the rules, and in particular:
    No-one to leave Camp grounds without permission of the Director
    No alcohol, cigarettes or non-prescribed drugs at Camp.

    Permission of Parent or Guardian: (for campers under age 18)
    Note: If your child is sick with diarrhoea or vomiting within 48 hours of camp beginning please keep him/her at home.
    I am in full accord with this enrolment and with my child or children being under the care and control of the Camp Director while at Camp. Medical needs may be attended to as necessary with any fees being my liability.

    That's all! Now please click the button below, and in a moment you will see a message pop up, confirming that your form has been sent. All applications will be acknowledged. If you don't receive a response within a few days, please contact Trevor (see Enquiries above).