Discoverers Camp

  • Event Date: October 3, 2022
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Foxton Bible Camp
  • Address: Te Awa Street, Foxton Beach

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Camp begins at 6pm with dinner on MONDAY, October 3rd and finishes after breakfast on SATURDAY, October 8th 2022. Your local Camp Representative will be able to give details of travel arrangements and times to and from Camp.

To teach children the value of God’s Word (the Bible) and the importance of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Who may attend?

  • Boys and girls in Years 6, 7 & 8; the last 3 years of primary school.
  • Prospective Leaders 15 years and over (Y11 and above) should apply using the form below and will receive more information about leadership roles in the reply email.

About the Camp:
Over the years thousands of children and adults have enjoyed times of fun and Bible learning at Foxton Bible Camp. The buildings are well designed and equipped for all weathers and all ages. Our leaders are all volunteers but trained and experienced.

The programme will include times of Bible teaching, small Bible study groups, singing, swimming, outings, team games, and free time to enjoy relaxing or riding the flying fox or trampolines.

With the dramatic changes that are taking place in our society many young people are unsure of who they are. A knowledge of God’s Word, God’s plans for our world and God’s plans for each person is a stabilising influence in these times of anxiety.

The children will be in the care of experienced senior leaders and we consider it a privilege to have them entrusted to us. The submission of the Application Form below is subject to you being in full accord with the enrolment.

If your child is showing any signs of illness within 48 hours of camp please keep him/her at home.

Call Trevor L. on 06 363 8814 or 027 466 0140 or email [email protected].

What to bring:

  1. Bible and pen.
  2. Sleeping bag or blankets & sheets. (Mattresses/pillows are provided)
  3. Pillow case, and we also suggest a sheet as a mattress cover.
  4. Enough clothing for 5 days. This must include more than one pair of jeans, jacket, warm jersey, suitable shoes for hiking, pyjamas, swim togs.
  5. Soap, facecloth, towel, toothbrush etc.
  6. Guitars and other musical instruments.
  7. A cake or biscuits for exciting suppers.
  8. Spending money – we have a bookshop. If you bring spending money we will keep it safe for you.
  9. Please leave unnecessary valuable items at home (e.g. NO cell phones (their use will be restricted to emergencies only),  music players, iPods, electronic games, etc., rings or jewellery)

Fine print:
Fees pay for accommodation. Food is supplied by donation and cooked by competent volunteers.

FOXTON BIBLE CAMP has a Health and Safety Policy in place in the interests of everyone’s welfare. Every care is taken by the Camp Leadership but the Trustees of Foxton Bible Camp exclude their personal liability.

Camp Fees (incl. GST):

  • $110 per camper if you enrol by September 15th with at least half the fees as deposit.
  • Late enrolments will be $125 and are not guaranteed to be accepted.
  • When more than one camper attends from the same family the fees are $95 each ($110 if enrolling late).
  • Fees may be paid by direct credit to Foxton Bible Camp 03-0633-0091424-00 with your name and Discov as references.
  • If you are having difficulty paying your fees on time please contact your local representative. There is a subsidy fund that may be able to help.
  • Camp fees minus a small administration fee will be refunded if illness or a change in Covid regulations prevents your attendance.
  • Transport to and from Camp is arranged by the local representative at no extra cost for campers currently attending Assembly youth activities. If you wish to contribute to this expense, donations may be made through the local representative.

To apply:
Please fill in the form below and click the Send button at the bottom of the form. You need to re-apply even if you completed this form for the cancelled camp in April.

    Application Form

    Your contact details: (required)

    How did you know about this camp? (required)

    People coming to camp:
    This section is for individuals or for a single family group.
    For adult leaders over 25, you can omit your date of birth!
    For school children, put the class Year, e.g. Y6.
    For fees, refer further up this page.

    The total fees are $

    Health and dietary notes:
    Do any of the above campers have special dietary needs or other requirements?

    Do you have a Community Services Card?

    Do you have any comments or questions?

    Permission of Parent or Guardian:
    Note: If anyone is showing any symptoms of illness within 48 hours of camp please keep him/her at home.
    I am in full accord with this enrolment and with my child or children being under the care and control of the Camp Director while at Camp. Medical needs may be attended to as necessary with any fees being my liability.

    That's all! Now please click the button below and in a moment you will see a message pop up, confirming that your form has been sent. All applications will be acknowledged advising acceptance and giving payment instructions. If you do not receive a response within a few days, please contact us (see Enquiries section above). Make sure you receive confirmation!