Easter Camp

  • Event Date: April 14, 2022
  • Time: 08:00 PM
  • Location: Lakeview Bible Camp
  • Address: 359 Hamurana Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

EASTER CAMP is a camp for all ages to enjoy Christian fellowship and Bible teaching. The camp is intended for young people and family groups – primary school children need to be accompanied parents or guardians. Expect a good weekend of Bible teaching, fellowship, and activity.

This is a Camp for learning and togetherness. The programme will include Bible Talks, Studies and discussions, along with some recreational diversions. Everyone will be required to join in the programmed activities including recreation, meetings, and duties. Experience a few days in a large “family”. To ensure a good atmosphere there will be camp rules, and in particular we insist on no alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, and require campers to remain quietly within their allocated accommodation during the night.

Camp Begins on the evening of Thursday 14 April with the first meal being breakfast on Good Friday. The camp concludes after lunch on Monday 18 April 2022. Lakeview Bible Camp is situated on the northern side of Lake Rotorua, 4km past Ngongotaha.

Enquiries: Trevor L., [email protected], Mob. 027 466 0140

What to Bring:

  1. Bible, pen, notepaper
  2. Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets, pillowcase – we recommend a sheet as a mattress cover
  3. Towels, soap, toothbrush, etc.
  4. Clothes to include raincoat, shoes suitable for hiking, swimming togs, tidy gear for Sunday, 2 changes of warm clothing
  5. Cake or biscuits to help with suppers
  6. Musical instruments (but no speakers, etc. Keep your personal music to yourself!)
  7. Specialty sports gear
  8. A few extra dollars in case there is opportunity for some “tourist activity” such as hot pools……
  9. Mobile phone use will be limited. They will be required to be turned off much of the time, including at night. Leave your valuables at home.

The Fine Print:

o Enrolment for EASTER CAMP signifies that those attending are willing to participate in all aspects of Camp life, and be subject to the rules of the Camp and its Director.  In particular, campers breaking the rules of no leaving allocated accommodation after bedtime & no cigarettes, alcohol or drugs will be required to leave camp.
o Lakeview Bible Camp has a Health and Safety Policy in place in the interests of campers’ welfare. Every care is taken by the Camp Leadership but the Trustees of the Camp exclude their personal liability.
o Fees are for accommodation. Food is supplied by donation and cooked by competent volunteers.

ONLINE enrolments can be made using the Application Form that follows further down this page. If the fees are a hindrance to your attendance please contact your local Camp Rep. or email [email protected]. There may be subsidies available for families and individuals.

Fees can be paid by Direct Credit to account Westpac 03 1545 0003361 00. Include your name and “EasterCamp” as reference.  You need to pay at least $20 deposit per person to ensure discount. Camp fees and deposits will be refunded if illness or a change in Covid regulations prevent your attendance.

Please enrol by April 4th. We welcome ONLINE ENROLMENTS, and ONTIME enrolments!

Fees for families and their dependent children
Fees (incl. GST) Full time Per day
Married couples (each) $100 $22
Tertiary or unemployed $100 $22
School students (1st) $85 $19
School students (others) $80 $18
Pre-schoolers $45 $10
Max. fee concession $450 $100
Late fee (if not paying at least $20 p.p. by 4 April) is $10 p.p. with max $30 per family.

Fees for individuals or those with no parents at camp
Fees (incl. GST) Full time Per day
Adult (employed) $110 $25
Tertiary or unemployed $100 $22
School students (1st) $100 $22
School students (others) $85 $19
Late fee (if not paying at least $20 p.p. by 4 April) is $10 p.p. with max $30 per family.


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    For families there is a max concession of $450 ($100 per night part-time).

    Therefore we confirm our fees as $

    If not paying at least $20 p.p. by 4 April, add late fee of $10 p.p. (max $30 per family).

    Therefore our total camp fees are $

    Health and dietary notes:
    Do any in your group have special dietary needs or other requirements?
    Please tell us. You may need to bring your own special foods.

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