Retreat Feb 2023 Advance Notice

  • Event Date: February 6, 2023
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Lakeview Bible Camp
  • Address: 359 Hamurana Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Dining Room 2014

The Retreat is scheduled!
With conditions now pretty well back to normal, we are beginning to plan for next year’s Retreat in the second week of February 2023, Lord willing.

What is it?
The Retreat is designed to attract people looking for a holiday with good food, recreation, singing and ministry from the Word. It is held at Lakeview Bible Camp, Rotorua, and the majority of campers will be accommodated on-site.

When is it?
We start with dinner 6pm Monday 6 Feb 2023 and finish with morning tea and clean up about 11am Friday 10 February. Registrations are not open yet, but we would like non-binding expressions of interest as soon as possible (use the form below). This is an early announcement so that those travelling by air can make appropriate bookings for flights. Campers flying in/out of Rotorua will be met at Rotorua Airport. Note that Mon 6 Feb 2023 is a Public Holiday, so book flights early in case of high demand.

Who is it for?
It’s for older folks who love the Lord and enjoy the company of fellow believers. While there are camps each year at Lakeview which cater for families, this Retreat is for those who appreciate a quiet environment and a slower pace without the distractions and noise of children.

Can people from overseas attend?
Yes. Borders are open, and we would love to see you! If you are flying in/out of Auckland, we can arrange van transport to Rotorua (3 hour trip) on the afternoon of Mon 6 Feb and/or return to Auckland after the Retreat finishes on Fri 11 Feb. If you wish to travel in the van it is recommended that you arrive in Auckland prior to 6 Feb, and likewise depart after 11 Feb. Billeting in Auckland can be arranged with local families. Please give us advance warning in the form below so that we can make tentative arrangements now.

How much will it cost?
Expected to be $150 per person (full time). This covers a donation to the camp, meals and minor excursion fees.

When will registrations open?
More complete details will be announced on this website early in January, with an online application form to confirm your intention of coming. If you are on the NZNL mailing list or have sent an Expression of Interest (beloiw) look for an email in early January inviting people to register.

Roger C. (Auckland)
Hugh M. (Auckland)

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