Sports Camp 2022

  • Event Date: September 23, 2022
  • Time: 09:00 PM
  • Location: Lakeview Bible Camp
  • Address: 359 Hamurana Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

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Sports Camp 2022, Friday Sept. 23—Sunday Sept. 25

This camp is for High School age and older. Younger children may only attend with their parents and will not be included in sports for safety reasons.

Sports Camp has become an annual event at Lakeview Bible Camp and we are hoping to get it up and running again this year without the disruptions of the last two years—so welcome back, Aucklanders!  There will be inter-regional competitions which will keep you busy! Come and help your team make their mark on the score sheet. Join with others from your Youth Group and make up a team as you seek to win the coveted SPORTS SHIELD. All competitions will be fairly judged.

There will also be time for Bible studies and talks, sleeping, eating, mask wearing and other camp activities including a little relaxing. As a co-operative team member you will be expected to join in all activities of the camp including duties!

Camp starts at supper-time on Friday and finishes after lunch on Sunday. Please note these times and indicate on your Application Form if you will not be at all meals. Dinner will not be provided on Friday night.

Lakeview Bible Camp has a Health and Safety policy. The volunteer leaders will take every care for your child’s welfare but the Trustees of the Camp exclude their personal liability.


  1. Everyone must enrol using the Application Form. Multiple members from the same family can use a single form.
  2. All enrolments will be acknowledged and you will be advised of acceptance.
  3. When you send us your form you are agreeing to join in with all aspects of the programme.
  4. Bring swimming togs, sleeping bag, fitted sheet to act as a mattress cover, pillowcase, towel, toilet gear, raincoat, sports gear, but no speaker to invade other people’s lives with your choice of music. Cell phone use will be limited. Bring no unnecessary valuables. Camp leaders will take no responsibility for lost valuables including phones.
  5. Alcohol, cigarettes, vaping and non-prescribed drugs are not allowed.
  6. Bring your Bible if you have one.
  7. Bring a cake or biscuits for exciting suppers.

Apply before 13 September to qualify for discount!

Please use the Application Form further down this page.

Forms received after Sept 13 may not be accepted. We will respond to all applications but please make sure you have received our response approving your application.

Contact Trevor L. by email or phone if necessary:
[email protected], 027 466 0140 / 06–363 8814.

Camp Fees

  • Fees include the costs for most activities
  • If you have difficulty in paying, please tell your local youth leader
  • There may be some optional extras (e.g. spa pools) which participants will pay for
  • Campers choosing to be accommodated off-site will pay part fees for activity costs. Ask for a quote.
  • Camp fees and deposits will be refunded if a change in Covid regulations prevents your attendance.

To pay:

  • Use direct credit to Lakeview Bible Camp account 03-1545-0003361-00 with your Name as a reference and “Sports” as an identifier
  • Please pay the full fees or at least half your fees per person by the due date as a non-refundable deposit.
Camp fees Full fee On-time
Employed adult $72 each $62 each
Unemployed/ students/ couples $65 each $55 each
Multiple students from same family $55 $45
Underage children (no discount) $20 $20
Pre-schoolers (no discount) $20 $20
Family maximum $275 $245

Note: $10 discount on Camper-age enrolments received by due date. Remember, it pays to enrol on time!

All applications are subject to acceptance. If you are enrolling after 13 September, acceptance is not guaranteed.

Parents and older people registering, you do not need to tell us your age or date of birth!

    Application Form

    This form is for individuals (line 1) and family groups.
    1 MF
    2 MF
    3 MF
    4 MF

    Therefore the total fees are $

    An email will be sent to you advising acceptance and giving payment instructions.

    Your home address: (required)

    Your phone number: (required)

    Your email: (required)

    Your Church/Youth Group leader: (required)

    Do you volunteer for any special duties?

    Are there any health factors that the Camp Nurse should be aware of?

    Do you have a Community Services Card?

    Permissions: (required)
    I agree while attending Camp to abide by the rules, and in particular:
    No-one to leave Camp without permission of the Director
    No alcohol, cigarettes, vaping or non-prescribed drugs at Camp.

    Permission of Parent or Guardian: (for campers under age 18)
    I am in full accord with this enrolment and with my child or children being under the care and control of the Camp Director while at Camp. Medical needs may be attended to as necessary with any fees being my liability.

    That's all! Now please click the button below, and in a moment you will see a message appear below this button (please check for it!) confirming that your form has been sent. All applications will be acknowledged.