Summer Youth Camp 2022

  • Event Date: January 9, 2022
  • Time: 06:00 PM
  • Location: Lakeview Bible Camp
  • Address: 359 Hamurana Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

We welcome any young person who is entering Year 10 or older,
but this year limited to 50 people.

What’s it all about?
The aim of the camp is to provide for the special needs of teenagers as they face the complexities of the new millennium. A camp enables us to have time to study together, under the guidance of older experienced leaders, the answers God presents to our needs.

Summer Youth Camp has been improving the lives of young people for many years. We have comfortable buildings and grounds suitable for a safe and enjoyable week. As well as Bible talks, discussions and studies, there will be a varied programme that could include walks, sports, swimming, water sports and singing, among other things. There will be plenty of free time to relax and talk. Bring whatever specialist sports gear you think you might need, and enough clothes for some GOOD CLEAN FUN…..

We welcome any young person who is entering Year 10  or older. Transport to and from Camp is normally arranged by the local Youth Leader. There is no charge for this to student campers attending Assembly youth groups, but public transport bookings will only be made for campers who have paid their entire fee.

Camp starts with dinner at 6pm on Sunday and ends after breakfast on the Saturday.

Bring some gear:
1. Bible, pen if you can.
2. A sheet to use as a mattress cover, pillowcase, sleeping bag or blankets and sheets.
3. Clothes to include raincoat, shoes suitable for hiking, 2 changes of warm clothing, swimming togs, sunhat. Please name all clothing.
4. Towels, soap, toothbrush, etc. + Sunscreen
5. Necessary medication (e.g. for asthma)
6. Cake or biscuits to help make exciting suppers
7. Spending money for odds and ends when out and about.
8. DON’T BRING electronics that may annoy others. Cell phone use will be strictly limited.

Fine print:
LAKEVIEW BIBLE CAMP has a Health and Safety Policy in place in the interests of everyone’s welfare. We have buildings and grounds suitable for a safe and enjoyable week. Every care is taken by the Camp Leadership.

Camp Fees:

  • There are likely to be some optional activities so bring some extra cash. Contact Trevor nearer the time if you want details.
  • Fees may be paid by direct credit to Lakeview Bible Camp account 03-1545-0003361-00 with your Name as a reference and “SYC” as an identifier. At least $20 of your fees must be paid when your application is accepted.
  • If you are mailing your application form, please enclose or pay at least $20 deposit by direct credit.
  • If you are having trouble getting your fees, ask your Youth Leader about a subsidy. There may be some funds available to help you. Camp Fees don’t pay all the travel expenses or food costs. You might like to make a donation for this.
  • Camp Fees cover accommodation costs. Camp is staffed entirely by volunteers and food costs are met by donations.
  • Camp fees and deposits will be refunded if a change in Covid alert levels (or similar regulations) prevent your attendance.

Fees (incl. GST) On-time
Student/Unemployed $130 each
Those in paid employment $150 each
More than one student from same family $115 each
Families Check with Trevor

The $15 late fee has been removed for this year. But please don’t take that as a sign that we will accept late enrolments. We just want to leave room for the few who cannot know if they can attend before December 20th.

Trevor Lineham, 1 Edinburgh Terrace, Foxton Beach 4815
Ph. (06) 363 8814, mobile 027 466 0140, [email protected]

Covid Protection Framework:
With Rotorua moving to ORANGE on 30 Dec 2021 we can run SUMMER YOUTH CAMP with an upper limit of 50 people without using Vaccine Passes, but for everyone’s safety we will require unvaccinated people over 12 yrs 3 mths to have had a negative Covid test no more than 72 hours before they arrive at Camp. So, in the form below we ask you to indicate vaccination status; this is also in case rules change before Camp.

    Application Form

    This form is for campers from the same family please.
    1 MFDbl-vaxxed
    2 MFDbl-vaxxed
    3 MFDbl-vaxxed
    4 MFDbl-vaxxed

    The sum of the above fees is $

    An email will be sent to you advising acceptance and giving payment instructions.

    Person submitting this application:

    Your phone number: (required)

    Your email: (required)

    Your Church/Youth Group leader: (required)

    Do you volunteer for any special duties?

    Are there any health factors that the Camp Nurse should be aware of?

    Do you have a Community Services Card?

    Permissions: (required)
    I agree while attending Camp to abide by the rules, and in particular:
    No-one to leave Camp without permission of the Director
    No alcohol, cigarettes or non-prescribed drugs at Camp.

    Permission of Parent or Guardian: (for campers under age 18)
    Note: If your child is sick with diarrhoea or vomiting within 48 hours of camp beginning please keep him/her at home.
    I am in full accord with this enrolment and with my child or children being under the care and control of the Camp Director while at Camp. Medical needs may be attended to as necessary with any fees being my liability.

    That's all! Now please click the button below, and in a moment you will see a message pop up, confirming that your form has been sent. All applications will be acknowledged. If you don't receive a response within a few days, please contact Trevor (see Enquiries above).