Helpful Links

All links open in a new window/tab. You will likely find helpful resources in these sites but we take no responsibility for their content. The Scriptures must be our ultimate guide.

Assembly Camps

Bible Sites


  • Kingcomments Bible Studies and Topics by Ger de Koning (Netherlands). Also available as an Android app on Google Play.
  • Kees shares the Word Youtube channel containing video Bible commentaries by Kees Fieggen (Netherlands) in series such as Daniel, Revelation, Christian feasts, Genesis, Fellowship in God’s family, The Life of Abraham. New content is added from time to time.


  • Oude Sporen Many publications in English by Ger de Koning (Netherlands) who seeks to provide good and wholesome Bible study materials to all who wish to delve into God’s Word
  • Audio files of all 500 hymns in the 1978 music edition of the Spiritual Songs hymn book (USA)



  • Meeting Audio Recordings Google Drive archive maintained by Jim F. (Auckland). Contains audio messages recorded at various camps, conferences and other meetings from 2016 to the present.
  • Video Archive maintained by Phil V. (UK) contains many Zoom messages from 2020 onwards, presented mainly by NZ speakers. Use the Request Form to follow up with retrieving the recordings (mp4 format) for watching and/or downloading. Caveat: files are very large.