Each assembly has its own programme to meet its needs. For local time schedules, refer to the individual assembly websites accessed from the Home page.

Remembrance Meeting

The principal meeting on Sundays is the Remembrance and Worship Meeting, which Christians often refer to as The Lord’s Supper, or Communion. This is a time for worship as we remember the Lord Jesus Christ as the person who died for our salvation, arose from the dead on the third day, ascended into heaven and is now seated in glory at God the Father’s right hand.

There is no minister or pastor to lead the meeting, nor is there a pre-arranged order of service. The men of the assembly express the worship on behalf of all, and select the hymns for the congregation to sing together.

Central to this service is the Breaking of Bread. The bread and the cup (wine) are shared among those who regularly meet together, and with others who are known to be Christian believers. Visitors are welcome to observe.

Outreach Activities

According to local needs and capacity, assemblies have Gospel meetings, Sunday School, Rally and Youth Groups. Sometimes meals or suppers are provided.

Bible Teaching Opportunities

Assemblies adopt a variety of ways to learn more from God’s Word. Some have Teaching meetings, family-oriented seminars and/or meetings for Open Ministry, in which two or three brothers express what has been laid upon their hearts.

Meetings for prayer and conversational study of the Scriptures are usually held during the week, and may be hosted in homes if numbers are small. Acts 2:42

Camps, Conferences and Retreats

Youth and family camps are held during the year, with modest registration fees to meet costs (subsidies are available for those unable to pay). Several assemblies host annual conferences and provide free accommodation and meals for all attendees. See the Dates to Remember page.

An annual Retreat is held at Lakeview Bible Camp each February. This runs from a Monday afternoon to the Friday morning and has a programme of singing, Bible addresses, outings and relaxation. It is attended, but not limited to, those who are retired or who can take holidays during weekdays.

Leadership Retreats are held at Lakeview Bible Camp on Waitangi weekends, to provide training for senior youth leaders.