Auckland Conferences

By on February 1, 2021


The following addresses are stored on Google Drive and may be played or downloaded from there. Click on any of the links given in the table headings below. Each link opens in a new window/tab.

Conference Jan 2021

30 Jan – 1 Feb 2021 Speaker Theme: "Learning from tests and change"
Address Trevor L. "Learning from tests and change – Four solid rocks"
Open Ministry Jeremy F. "Exhortation from 1 Cor 14:29"
Keith S. "Gen 37 – Tests in Joseph's life"
Hugh M. "Tests in David's life"
Short Address Ian L. "Psalm 121 – A song of ascents"
Address Alan W. "Tests in the life of Abraham"
Open Ministry Ian L. "Two cameos of infectious enthusiasm"
Rodger C. "Heb 12:5 Learning in times of pain"
Roger C. "Lessons from Job 5:6-7; 7:17-18; 23:8-10"
Address Doug S. "The purpose of Christian testing"


Conference Jan 2020

25-27 Jan 2020 Speaker Theme: "The Spirit's work in the life of the believer"
Address Doug S. "The Holy Spirit working in us and through us"
Open Ministry Trevor J. "Life in the Spirit, led by the Spirit, walk in the Spirit"
Rodger C. "Unity of the Lord, the Spirit, and the Scriptures"
Address Ian L. "The Holy Spirit guides, strengthens, makes fruitful, renews"
Open Ministry Hugh M. "You are God's field, you are God's building"
Thomas E. "The Spirit bears witness with our spirit"
Keith S "Development of gift; diversity of gift"
Address Trevor L. "Strengthened with might through his Spirit in the inner man"


Conference Jan 2019

26-28 Jan 2019 Speaker Theme: "The Rapture – The Lord's Coming"
Address Grant S. "The Rapture – What is it? When is it? Who will be in it? Why is it important?"
Open Ministry Thomas E. "The effect on the Jew and on the Church"
Hugh M. "Waiting for His coming while facing present persecution"
Keith S. "Suffering then glory – first seen in the Lord and now in believers"
Short Address Ian L. "In Christ"
Address Jimmy M. "The Coming Of The Lord Jesus – an exciting event"
Open Ministry Roger C. "The faithful servant and the evil servant"
Trevor J. "The appearing of the Lord to Paul"
Address Roger B. "The Lord Coming to Reign"


Conference Jan 2018

27-29 Jan 2018 Speaker Theme: "The Seven Churches in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3"
Address Doug S. "Ephesus"
Open Ministry Thomas E. "He that has an ear to hear"
Keith S. "Smyrna – the suffering church"
Allen R. "Return to first love"
Short Address Ian L. "Two threads ("I know", "You have") in the letters to Ephesus, Philadelphia and Laodicea"
Address Alan W. "Thyatira and Sardis"
Open Ministry Hugh M. "The testimony of Jesus Christ"
Trevor L. "Features of the Lord seen in each of the letters"
Rodger C. "He who walks in the midst"
Address Roger B. "Laodicea"


Conference Jan 2017

28-30 Jan 2017 Theme: "Lessons for Life from the Wilderness Journey – Egypt to the Promised Land"
Trevor L. "From Egypt to Canaan"
Bible Study "Food for the Journey" (discussion guided by I. Livingstone)
Open Ministry (two recordings)
Trevor L. Gospel message from Numbers 21 "The serpent on the pole"
Roger B. "Possessing the Land"