Easter Camp Recordings

By on April 18, 2022


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Easter Camp 2022

For video recordings, open Trevor L’s video archive folder. For audio recordings, use the link below.

15-18 Apr 2022 Theme: "Reasons to Give Thanksgiving and Praise to our God" Mins
1. Hugh M. "Praise in the life of David" 40
2. Trevor L. "Count your blessings" 43
3. Doug S. "Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship in difficult times" 52
4. David R. "Unthankfulness" 39
5. Andrew C. "What is precious to us" 32
6. Neville B. "Things I was taught when young" 43
7. Roger C. "God meant it for good – the life of Joseph" 46


Easter Camp 2021

Camp Report

The theme was “Christ at the Centre” and we were blessed and challenged with the addresses and studies. The children had KBK sessions by Trevor L., discovering Jesus Christ in all the Scriptures. About 130-140 campers came including lots of families with children, utilising the facilities to the full. The fine weather enabled us to go for walks  and swim, sail and waterski at Lakes Rotorua and Okareka with plenty of time to relax at camp. A big thank you to the kitchen staff for the great meals. We are thankful for the camp facilities and the privilege of being able to freely meet together. Thank you to those who were praying for this time. Rob W. Camp Director

Recordings Table

2 – 5 Apr 2021 Theme: "Christ at the Centre"
1. Keith S. "Christ in the centre" The church is the Bride of Christ. What is our heart's affection for the Lord like?
2. Doug S. "The disciple whom Jesus loved" John spoke of himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved. Do we know what it means to be loved by God?
3. Rodger C. "The place God has given Christ" Christ’s authority and superiority. When He died, we died with Him to our sinful self; through painful lessons we must put off sinful ways to enter the victorious life Christ intends for us, just as Christ had to die before being raised to life.
4. David C. "Jesus the central example" Jesus is the central example of compassion – compassion that knows no boundaries to age, culture, personality and in spite of wrongdoing.
5. Daniel G. "Our new identity in Christ" Having died to sin and as sons of God – if we understand this identity, this affects the whole of our christian life.
6. Neville B. "Christ the centre of God's plan of salvation" Gospel message – the crucifixion and the challenge – to whom shall we go? – Christ has the words of eternal life and is the Son of the Living God.
7. Hugh M. "Christ the centre" The tabernacle as the centre of Israel and for us Christ as the Centre walking amidst the seven churches, and by extension in the midst of our gatherings.


Easter Camp 2019

19-22 Apr 2019 Theme: "My Life, Like Christ"
1. Doug S. "Being focused on Christ"
2. Trevor L. "CHRISTlikeness"
3. Rodger C. "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves"
4. David R. "Christ preeminent"
5. Keith S. "The Lord Jesus Christ – the Incomparable Son"
6. Daniel G. "The gospel of the grace of God"
7. Grant S. "Not what we believe, but in Whom we believe"


Easter Camp 2018

Camp Report

The Easter Camp was a great opportunity to be rejuvenated in the Word with our focus on the cross of Christ – life and death. All were encouraged in the Lord and enjoyed each other’s fellowship. We heard the Gospel various times over the weekend and were able to appreciate how much God has done for us in giving His Son and we pray for those who still need to come to Him.

We were challenged about laying hold of the victory we have now, as we all have died with Christ and are raised with Him. Do I allow sinful conduct to continue in my life? Do I set the course of my mind on things above where Christ is? Do I live with a transformed mind?

We were shown the wonder of the salvation in Christ and that He is to fill and thrill me in living for Him. We were reminded that Christ has received joy and satisfaction out of His work and this should lead me to worship Him.

We made use of the surplus of fine weather and the great facilities and got out to Lake Okareka, the hot pools and the Redwoods. Thanks Trevor for those jet boat rides!

A big thank you to speakers, study leaders, chefs and kitchen helpers and all who contributed to the weekend. Loved the menu choices at the meals! Thank you! Also, thanks to Sam and Barbara T. visiting from the US and Sam’s messages especially of the saved thief who is an example of the amazing salvation we receive, though completely undeserving of it. This is a great place to get together for all ages and be challenged to live for Him who died for us and rose again.

Recordings Table

30 Mar – 2 Apr 2018 Theme: "The cross of Christ – life and death"
1. Sam T. "Two thieves on crosses at Calvary"
2. Neville B. "The cross of Christ – why the cross?"
3. Rodger C. "Life after death, a present reality"
4. Sam T. "One thief who should have been on a cross"
5. Hugh M. "The cross of Christ throughout the Scriptures"
6. Daniel G. "An unexpected event"
7. Roger C. "Out of Thy death has sprung"


Easter Camp 2017

14-17 Apr 2017 Theme: "Grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ"
1. David R. "Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus" 2 Tim 2 v1-12.
The focus of the soldier – in active service, not entangled with the stuff of this life, pleases the commanding officer; the discipline of the athlete – training and playing by the rules; the diligence of the farmer – hardworking and patient. The common thing in all three analogies is self sacrifice and reward.
2. David W. "What helps us grow?"
Prayer – communion and reliance on God Ps 46 v10; faith – we can't see God but he can see us Heb 11 v1; love – the reflection of Christ in 1 Cor 13; service – respond in love to Him; peace – comes from the presence of God Phil 4 v4-7.
3. Doug S. "Fruitfulness"
We are to grow like trees –our  roots (stability, feeding), leaves (visible signs of growth) and fruit/seeds (pleasing to God and dying to self). We are to add to our faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. 2 Pet 1 v5-7. This list is from our perspective and starts with faith and ends with love. The fruit of the Spirit from God's side starts with love.
4. Hugh M. Gospel message. The narrow way is totally different from the broad way. Jesus is the Way. Light is totally different to darkness and there is no halfway in between. Sin ties us up and we need the truth to set us free. Jesus is the Truth. Hugh gave his own personal testimony in 2 minutes and challenged us to have our testimony to share if we had a couple of minutes to tell someone.
5. Keith S. 1) growth in the Scriptures: do I hear and obey the voice of the Lord; 2) growth through suffering: what does the Lord want to teach me; 3) growth through submission: submit to the Lord first then to others; 4) results of growth: worship (holy priests) and witness (royal priests).
6. Rodger C. "Growing in the knowledge of Christ, and in particular His compassions."
Five instances in the gospels where the Lord showed compassion. Matt 9 v35-38; Mk 6 v27-52; Matt 18 v26-27; Matt 20 v29-34; Jn 11 v5,33-44. We are to be compassionate as the Lord showed us. 1 Pet 3 v8.
7. Roger C. "Be ready to give a defence for the hope that we have." 1 Pet 3 v15.
Two questions. Is there a creator God? Heb 11 v3; Jn 1 v1-5. Do we have evidence that the gospel writers told the truth? Jn 20 v31; 1 Jn 1 v3-4.