Hastings Conferences

By on August 20, 2022


The following addresses were recorded. They are stored on Google Drive and may be played or downloaded from there. Click on the Recordings link given in each of the tables below. Each link opens in a new window/tab.

Conference 2022 – “Worship”

Recordings Speaker Message
1 Address André P. Different aspects of worship: praise, giving, sacrifice, obedience, surrender (yielding)
2 Open Ministry Edwin S. Peter's example of how we need to focus on the Lord Jesus
3 Stephen G. Some who worshipped the Lord; Lydia in Acts 16:14, the man in John 9:38, and Ruth 1:16
4 Luke B. "Whom shall I send – who will go for Us" Isa 6:8
How the angels are occupied with worshipping God
5 Address David C. "The Art of Celebration" – Three aspects of David worshipping in the Psalms: in the valley, climbing (and descending) the mountain, and on the mountain top


Conference 2017 – “The Daily Application of the Armour of God”

Recordings Speaker Message
1 Address Doug S. "Are we making use of the armour of God?"
Eph 6:10-18; the battle is in heavenly places.
2 Open Ministry Trent R. "How we must make things our own"
2 Tim 2; 2 Kings 6; 1 Sam 17; 1 Sam 21
3 Neville B. "Not letting down our guard against the powers of darkness"
Phil 2; Col 2; 1 Cor 10; Eph 6
4 Roger C. "Dwelling with the Holy One so our defence can be effective" Psalm 91
5 Address Keith S. "The daily routine of the Christian life"
Rom 12; Eph 6; then referring to the fiery darts in Neh 4