Lakeview Retreat Recordings

By on February 12, 2021

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Below are messages recorded at Retreats. Click on the underlined link in the table heading for the respective year. This will open a new folder on Google Drive from which you can select individual recordings to download or listen to directly.

Feb 2021

Lakeview Retreat February 2021
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8 – 12 Feb Lakeview Retreat 2021
1. Ian L. "Old and new"
2. Keith S. "Theophanies"
3. Neville B. "Growing old"
4. Grant S. "Jerusalem"
5. Alan W. "Encouraging younger men"
6. Trevor L. "The grandparent I want to be"
7. Doug S. "Legacy of two men"
8. Roger B. "Pressing toward the goal"


Nov 2019

11 – 15 Nov Lakeview Retreat 2019
1. Ian L. "Transformational Change"
2. John M. "Psalm 119 – The Word of God"
3. Grant S. "The Son of Man – Luke's Gospel"
4. Ian L. "Incremental Change"
5. Keith S. "Psalm 27:4 – One thing have I desired of the Lord"
6. Roger C. "Babel Set Aside"


Nov 2018

5 – 9 Nov Lakeview Retreat 2018
1. Ian L. "Promises Fulfilled"
2. Keith S. "Covenants"
3. Doug S. "Walking"
4. Roger C. "The Cave of Adullam"
5. Bob L. "The Fullness of Christ"
6. John M. "A Love Story"
7. David W. "6 Pushbacks and 7 Promises"
8. Roger B. "Lift up your heads, eyes, hands, hearts, voices"


Nov 2017

6 – 10 Nov Lakeview Retreat 2017
1. Ian L. "Forty Years with Gideon"
2. Roger C. "Anniversaries"
3. Ray I. "I will serve You because I love You, You have given life to me"
with reference to work in the Philippines
4. Lynton S. "Comfort My People"
5. Bob L. "The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross"
6. Keith S. "The State of Today's Church compared with the Early Church"
7. Trent R. "Mountain Green Refreshment"
8. Roger B. "The Throne of Grace"


Nov 2016

7 – 11 Nov Lakeview Retreat 2016
1. Ian L. "Empty"
Empty preaching, empty faith; an empty refugee (Ruth); an empty servant (our Lord Himself); empty vessels
2. John M. "Christian living in the light of His coming"
Our situation; our Saviour; our solution; our surety; our sanctification; our satisfaction
3. Keith S. "Bible real estate choices"
Abraham & Lot; Moses; Joshua; our inheritance;  our present home; our future home
4. Trent R. "Responding to God's call"
Jeremiah; Solomon; Isaiah; Mary; Paul; Ananias
5. Bob L. "Caleb the Conqueror"
An example for us; an encourager; an overcomer; faith in God's promises; wholly followed the Lord
6. David W. "Lessons from Nehemiah"
Rebuilding our faith; tactics that the enemy uses; our walls of faith can be repaired
7. Roger B. "The prayers of Nehemiah"
Praying when burdened; when afraid; when under attack; when action needed; when reviewing; when needing strength; when restoring order


Nov 2015

Lakeview Retreat 2015 speakers

Lakeview Retreat 2015 speakers

9 – 13 Nov Lakeview Retreat 2015
1. Ian L. "The Lord is our strength during times of testing"
2. Ed M. "Contending earnestly for the faith"
3. John G. "Lessons from a woman of great faith"
4. John M. "The Lord in the Psalms"
5. Roger C. "The call of Samuel and David by God"
6. Alan H. "Five things that a storm cannot destroy"
7. David W. "The resurrection of both Christ's and ours"
8. Roger B. "Little is much when God is in it"