Wellington Conferences

By on September 28, 2019

Below are links to Google Drive folders containing audio recordings from annual conferences held at the Newlands Christian Assembly. Click on the date link for the respective year. This will open a new folder from which you can select individual recordings to download or listen to directly.

28 Sep 2019 Theme: "Two piles of stones"
This is an Old Testament picture seeking to convey the urgent need for our spiritual heritage to be conveyed to future generations
Address 1 Daniel G. (Auckland), 49 minutes
Address 2 Andre P. (Foxton), 48 minutes
Address 3 David R. (Foxton), 55 minutes
Open Ministry 1 John A. (Wellington), 16 minutes
Open Ministry 2 Neville B. (Taupo), 26 minutes


30 Sep 2017 Theme: "Questions, Questions, Questions!"
Address 1 Roger C. (Akld) "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?"
Address 2 Trevor L. (Foxton) "Sin and Life; Caution and Life; Submission and Life"
Address 3 Stephen T. (Whanganui) "Do you love me more than these?"
Open Ministry 1 Stephen G. (Masterton) "Adam, where are you?"
Open Ministry 2 Roger B. (Foxton) "Who has known the mind of the Lord?"
Open Ministry 3 John A. (Wellington) "Be ye holy for I am holy"


24 Sep 2016 Theme: "The Lord is coming!"
Address 1 Roger C. (Auckland) "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise"
Address 2 Doug S. (Rotorua) "Knowing the time of your visitation"
Address 3 Roger B. (Foxton) "Redeeming the time"
Open Ministry 1 Grant S. (Levin) "The Lord's coming is to have an effect on us"
Open Ministry 2 Bryan F. (Hastings) "Become as little children – teachable"
Open Ministry 3 Alan W. (Hastings) "The three resurrections"
Open Ministry 4 John A. (Wellington) "Acts 1 – witnesses unto me… to the ends of the earth"
Open Meeting Hymn singing and prayers during the meeting for Open Ministry